I’m Naren and I live in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I am a recruitment consultant so I like sharing career tips to both job seekers and employers. Also, I’m interested entertainment, earning online, and something similar.

I’m not trying to convince other people. I’m just trying to share ideas which might be applicable in working and living in Cambodia.

The blog:

Cambodia Geek blog began in September of 2015. I started writing because I love having my voice heard and ideas read while blogging is not so popular in Cambodia yet.

I am just as busy as other working people. However, because I like writing, I spend my weekend and nights to write articles. For this reason, do forgive me when I am late to post new things in this blog.

I am not a professional authors or writers so my posts are mostly about what I am experienced at work or from other reading sources. If you see anything wrong in my articles, please let me know by commenting or sending me an email.

On social media:

In Cambodia, Facebook is very popular so I might post sometimes if I have something new on my blog. Linkedin is also another place for me to share my posts while Twitter is the third choice.

Comment policy:

Cambodia Geek is my personal blog. Giving feedback or critical comment is fine for me, but I suggest you give constructive feedback rather than personal attacks.

I would like to say sorry in advance if I have to disapprove or delete your comment including inappropriate language, or anything that affects me and/or other individuals or groups of people.

Thank you for dropping by and read my blog

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