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10 Tips to Take Most Advantages of Job Fair Event

National Job fair for this year is on November 06-07, 2015 at Koh Pich, Phnom Penh. It is organized by the National Employment Agency (NEA) of the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training. Every year, this event provides opportunities to you job seeker to get to know and access to various types of vacancies and potential employers from different districts in Phnom Penh. You meet employer(s) you want to work for face-to-face, learning the company’s, background, products, services, and especially … Read more

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To Get Hired. How Cambodian Students Challenge?

Preparing for graduation celebration soon? That’s going to be exciting moment after a four-year college life. Your friends and family will definitely be proud of your achievement. Yeah. You guys did an excellent job! Now you are growing up and it is almost time for you to spread your wings and fly. Your life is going to be tied up to social responsibilities as other members of your society. I believe that the first thing you got to do is … Read more

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Looking for jobs in Cambodia? Access these sources

If an opportunity doesn’t come to you, go out and get one for yourself today. Like finding a job, to get employed you need to put great effort to actively seek your wanted position because you are in the competitive world. In Cambodia, it is very common for people to find job opportunities by browsing online. But how about the fact is that there are many hidden job vacancies which are not posted in those job websites? Finding a job … Read more

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National Career fair 2014 at Koh Pich

On October 21-22, 2014 I joint the national job fair at Koh Pich, Phnom Penh. The event is organized by the National Employment Agency (NEA) of the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training. It’s a two-day wonderful event! I like it so much because its administration fee is totally free, so thousands of people are attracted to join the two days. Most of participants are university students and some of them are office staff. The event aims to provide students and people … Read more

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Job Interview Tips: Before, During, After

“What can I do to pass a job interview?” This is the question I am often asked when I have a chit-chat with fresh graduates. Looking at their face, I can see that is the challenge they need to face sooner or later because In Cambodia getting employed is not a piece of cake if you don’t have working experience. I told them that to pass a job interview they need a skill. That is the art of selling yourself … Read more

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Just Become a Supervisor? Read these 6 tips

Your coworkers, friends, and family may celebrate when you gets promoted to the next level. Moving up to the supervisory level gives not only a pay rise, but also opportunity to perform better duties. It seems that the grass is now greener at your workplace to enjoy. You now lead a team. Well-done! However, things are not as easy as your non-supervisory roles. Holding this new position is nerve racking experienced for most newly promoted supervisors. When you move to the … Read more

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Working at Bank in Cambodia. Amazing advantages

Thousands of students decide to major their degrees in finance and banking from universities ever year. Many of my friends are seeking opportunities to work in a bank. Professional experienced candidates that I interviewed tell me that working in a banking sector is strongly preferred. Of course, there are a lot more. This is the personal trend of people seeking jobs in Cambodia. Both fresh graduates and experienced people give credits to those who get employed in bank. Seriously, whatever … Read more

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How to Criticize Constructively

To criticize means to hurt others if you don’t know how to make it constructive. It results in misunderstanding and upsetting behavior. Perhaps it may break good relationship if you don’t know how to deliver the feedback message properly. That is the reason you should be careful when giving feedback to other people even a close friend. Don’t pull back your feedback, when you see people doing wrong things and you want to improve them. You probably can stop a … Read more

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The Power of Sense of Belonging

A sense of belonging is how employees feel being a part of a team, welcomed, appreciated, trusted, and fit in their workplace. Feeling a sense of belonging has tremendous impacts on organizational stability and growth because it maintains and increases employees’ performance and loyalty. Individually it creates powerful emotions and makes an open door for employees to see the meaning of work. The more sense of belonging employees feel, the more productive they are. Here are 8 positive impacts employees have … Read more

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Become Good Role Model. Supervisor Tips

A role model inspires greatness in and makes a good example for other people to follow. To become a good role model, you supervisor are required to demonstrate your behavior which is emulated by other employees. The first thing that your employees set your supervision score is through watching the way you treat people under your supervision as well as those working around you. You can make a good model when you can leads by example. That means showing standard … Read more

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