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7 Ways To Keep Employees Long-term

Every year the number of people who are seeking jobs increases rapidly in Cambodia job market. However, there is still challenge for many employers to hire professional employees to work for because organizations are competing with one another to headhunt best talents to join their company. With this competitive labor market, potential employees set themselves high demand of salary expectation. They are willing to move if any employers could offer them well-paid wage, which produces high turnover rate in some … Read more

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How Employers Analyze Your Resume

Do you know that employers have only twenty seconds to screen your resume? Writing an easy-to-read resume actually increases your chance to get shortlisted for further testing and/or interview opportunity. When your resume doesn’t make sense to them, they will probably discard your application. The style of resume and how long it is that you use for job application might not be a matter as long as it is informative and can talk on behalf of you to employers. However, … Read more

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How I Freed Myself from Comfort Zone

I started my first job as an English teacher at a Christian non-profit organization, providing English and computer courses to Cambodia students who cannot afford school fee at university. This opportunity came to me after I finished this course and I was also one of the outstanding students at that NGO. Of course, I did not earn much, but it was very exciting for me to join loved working environment that I have chance to contribute in educating students from … Read more

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Cover Letter Writing

What is a cover letter? To answer what a cover letter is, firstly I define the term “cover”. Cover is something used to put on or over something else in order to keep it in. A cover letter is a written document attached with your resume when you apply for a job. Like the definition of “cover”, as rule it is on the top of your resume. Usually, I recommend a cover letter be one page long. However, some people prefer to … Read more

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Resume Writing

You may find a lot of websites giving advice on resume and cover letter writing on the internet. Or just one click, you can download a sample and make changes for your own use, right? However, most of those articles are broad and general, which might be less applicable in Cambodia’s current situation. That’s the reason I write this article specifically for Cambodian or job seekers who are looking for job in the country. Before I share resume tips, I … Read more

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