Become Good Role Model. Supervisor Tips

A role model inspires greatness in and makes a good example for other people to follow. To become a good role model, you supervisor are required to demonstrate your behavior which is emulated by other employees. The first thing that your employees set your supervision score is through watching the way you treat people under your supervision as well as those working around you.

You can make a good model when you can leads by example. That means showing standard and results to your subordinates. When you demonstrate your high performance, you can equip yourself with expert power to influence how your employees achieve your team’s goal.

Role modelling plays an important role in maintaining continuous, high standards within your team. Being a good supervisor, you should reinforce your employees to follow rules and regulations of your company effectively.

Does it sound hard to be a good supervisor? Here are 8 ways you can make a successful role model supervisor:

1. Give employees a respectful hearing

Always be a good listener to concerns raised and suggestions commented by your employees and more importantly you should not assume their points. You need to listen hard and wait them to finish their statement because your role is to listen to understand, not to react. Then take action only if you listen and understand their problems well.

2. Give reward based on objective measures

The thing that matters about sharing team’s interest is about how you can make it fair for everyone who contributes more or less to the success of the team. Therefore, to avoid conflict of interest, reward should be given to individuals objectively. For instance, if you share sales commission to your team objectively, you share each person based on actual sales target they hit while subjectivity refers to thoughts and opinions.

3. Make time for social work

Take some of your weekend to lead your team to join charitable work. It’s a good way to make you a good model in social contribution, such charitable activities build your company brand in the society. Also, you have a chance to buy your team time and space to make individuals united, relaxed so that everyone have time to understand each other more about both private and work life.

4. Call daily meetings before work gets started

A short meeting or gathering before beginning work gives employees time to plan, ask questions, and raise concerns if they might have. Everyone is encouraged to share idea on how to get things done effectively and solve previous problems of the day. As a supervisor, you need to give strong support, help employees face challenge, and make changes to your plan and assignment if necessary.

5. Assign reasonable work to each employees

One way to keep your employees motivated and enjoy their work is to check their workload more often. Employees who carry overloaded assignments usually become stressed easily, so you can have someone else to assist him/her immediately. However, if other team are not busy you should find and/or delegate appropriate tasks for them to challenge so that they won’t be sleeping in the office. By doing so, your employees feel the sense of being understood and taken care of.

6. Promote learning opportunities/advancement

Create culture of continuous learning to your team to keep up-to-date to current trend of their career. If there is budget available, you can send them to college or join professional training courses that help improve their productivity. For in-house training, you can also arrange some sessions for employees from different departments to share new knowledge and skills they’ve learnt.

7. Priorities- Put employee a head of your ego

Remember that when employees are successful, you supervisor are also successful because you are the leader. Thus, your job is to show up that you are facilitating them to grow. Whatever you do is to walk them to success, not you are trying to grab their opportunities. When an employee makes achievement, it is necessary for you to give credit to the successful person.

8. Apply ethical standards

You have done a lot of things to make yourself a good model, so you should not let any minor things to spoil your relationship with your employees. You will never lie or cheat them on the way you treat them. If you steal something from them, you are wearing away their trust in you. Remember that one problem you made needs hundreds of solutions to fix it, so never lie, cheat, or steal even on small matters.

Your turn!

In what ways, do you think supervisors make themselves a good role model?

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