To Get Hired. How Cambodian Students Challenge?

Preparing for graduation celebration soon? That’s going to be exciting moment after a four-year college life. Your friends and family will definitely be proud of your achievement. Yeah. You guys did an excellent job!

Now you are growing up and it is almost time for you to spread your wings and fly. Your life is going to be tied up to social responsibilities as other members of your society. I believe that the first thing you got to do is to find a job that lives your life. Are you ready to get employed?

Getting a good job for new graduates is not an easy thing to do in Cambodia. You will face a big challenge of finding employment opportunities. There are many jobless people after graduating from university, while some job offers provides fresh graduates with low salary.

The thing is that they haven’t had practical working experience yet. That’s the problem to be solved for Cambodian students when they go for a job.

Worries do not help you get a good job. Keep your chin up and keep moving.

In this article, I will show you what employers look in new graduates besides real working experience. And that’s the way to get yourself prepared for job when you graduate from university.

Here are 9 things that employers look into a candidate when recruiting inexperienced staff:

  1. Hard skills: It refers to the major/skill(s) you learn at school. For example, if you are an IT student, you hard skill are networking, database development, or web programing.
  2. Good English: English is a must for communication at workplace. Report, computer systems, and email communication are all English-based. If you can use one of other foreign languages like Mandarin, Japanese, Thai, or Kean, that would be a plus.
  3. Professional look: The way you dress and behave determines how professional you are. Your hair cut should be like a mature professional staff.
  4. Dynamic and confident: you should be the one who have creative ideas and enthusiastic in producing result. You are confident in speaking and doing things, and getting ahead of other people is what you want.
  5. Good interpersonal skills: you are expected to be extrovert, friendly, respectful, positive, and have ability to get along in teamwork and so on.
  6. Computer: Computer literacy like Ms Word/Excel, Power Point are another skills and necessary for any level of employees. Moreover, you should know how to use programs that go a long with your major. For example, you may need to learn Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw etc. if you major in computer design.
  7. Strong commitment: Commitment refers to how hard you contribute to company’s success rather than your own goal. You are Ok to work overtime and be available when your employer needs your help. Employers will see something in you if you work harder than how much you are paid- get promotion fast.
  8. Willing & ability to learn new things: if you are a quick learner at work, it takes short time for people to train you. With good willingness, you are more likely to be assigned with challenging responsibilities.
  9. Honesty and integrity: You are trustworthy person and always support what company’s goal, vision, and mission for example. You don’t steal things or cheat other people.

Earning university degree is not enough to get employed. You need many other soft skills to add value to your job hunting ability. These are just common things that I notice when listening to employers’ expectation over fresh graduates. If you can make time, I do recommend you take an internship during your last year at college in order that you earn both degree and practical experience that make you outstanding among other fresh graduates.

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