The Power of Sense of Belonging

A sense of belonging is how employees feel being a part of a team, welcomed, appreciated, trusted, and fit in their workplace.

Feeling a sense of belonging has tremendous impacts on organizational stability and growth because it maintains and increases employees’ performance and loyalty. Individually it creates powerful emotions and makes an open door for employees to see the meaning of work. The more sense of belonging employees feel, the more productive they are.

Here are 8 positive impacts employees have on the company when they feel a sense of belonging in their organization.

1. Enjoy working

Feeling accepted in team increases employees’ job satisfaction. When they are happy with their job, they are optimistic, enjoy challenge and consider obstacles as learning opportunities. Enjoying their duties, they are open to receive feedback and make things change. Plus, they manage stress more effectively.

2. Show great commitment

With commitment, employees feel encouraged to work extra-hours when they needed. Committed workers don’t mind being called to finish urgent tasks on the weekend or public holidays. In addition, they are willing and motivated to accept more workload and make things done.

3. Improve productivity

As earlier points, there is no doubt that when employees are committed and happy with their job, their productivity is also increased. That’s the things to produce more products and service to sell in the market.

4. Have loyalty to their company

Employees are motivated to stay long-term when they feel that they considered an important part of the organizational growth. They won’t leave even other company pays bigger salary. If they do, they are more likely to return because they consider workplace as their home.

5. Consider business as their own

Sense of belonging makes employees take the best care of company’s business because they feel that it also belongs to them. Besides their daily job, they care much about the health of business, so they try to partially make business grow.

6. Protect company’s interest

Whatever they do, they think about company’s interest. That means because of sense of belonging to a company, employees help save various expenses. They always remember to turn off lights and air-conditioner when leaving their office, for example.

7. Collaborate between teams and departments

Sense of belonging makes best communication process within a team. Plus, when employees from other teams or departments feel accepted, they reduce many forms of cross-departmental conflicts. They understand, give constructive feedback, and build each other.

8. Help people around to grow

Rather than competing to show individual high performance, employees work in a culture of building each other. They change to correct and show people around ways to grow. They believe that everyone is a family who can teach new knowledge and skills to achieve the common goal of the company.

9. Reduce conflict of interest

When employees see value of association, they change their focus from individual achievement to success for the whole team. Consequently, they don’t fight much for their own interest, but company’s as a whole.

Making workplace a “home” requires management to creatively produce plan activities and events that will energize employees to have powerful connection to company’s growth. So stop hiring people but make employees “family” to your company.

Your turn!

What makes you feel sense of belonging at your workplace?

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