National Career fair 2014 at Koh Pich

On October 21-22, 2014 I joint the national job fair at Koh Pich, Phnom Penh. The event is organized by the National Employment Agency (NEA) of the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training. It’s a two-day wonderful event!

I like it so much because its administration fee is totally free, so thousands of people are attracted to join the two days. Most of participants are university students and some of them are office staff.

The event aims to provide students and people looking for job with opportunities to visit and talk to a number of potential employers that they like to work for, probably. At the same time, students also can communicate with other people from different districts of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

For employer’s interest, the career fair helps employers sell their career opportunities to public people during the event. Also, they provide applicants with application forms to fill in and get contacted for future job interview. Other companies also conduct walk-in interview during that time.

Of course, my company HRINC (Cambodia) Co. Ltd also set up her booth to promote our recruitment service like every year. Anyway, I was not on duties in the first day morning, so I joint the fair like normal job seekers.

Time to explore…

On the first day, I spent the whole morning visiting and talking to new people and build new network there. Like everyone else I am happy to meet people and share name cards, especially taking photos to post in facebook. It was fun, of course.

There are different promotional activities by company setting booth in the area. Some companies present their demo products while others give public people free product to test. Young people are so interested in playing fun games in order to get free promotional gifts. It sounds a bit noisy but lively!

At 12:00pm students leave the building home for lunch. Some people go to eat their meal somewhere around Koh Pich so that they come back to their booth after the meal early. After around one hour and thirty minutes, there are new faces coming to the fair again. The people in the building started to be active and busy again.

Time to be on duties…

Now it’s time for me to be duties. However, fun is not finished yet.

Like everyone else in my team, I stand in in front of the company’s booth greeting and sharing brochures and leaflets to public people. To attract new people, we are friendly and give warm welcome to people passing us.

Also, we take turn to be a consultant. We monitored and helped students fill in their information into our company’s application form. Job seekers’ data is collected and typed into our system so that we can contact them later for job interview if any job fits their background.

At the booth, we reserve space at the back for walk-in interview too. As usual, our interview is more like career discussion rather than serious job interview. We make positive and relaxing interview environment so that people enjoy and bring their friends to be on the next interview.

In the evening…

In the evening everyone is tired after a full-day busy work. However, it is fun to work as team, promote company’s brand, and meet new people. We get a lot of candidates filling out our forms. We worked actively for two days long. Finally, we packed things back home in the evening of the last day of the event.

That is how we join career fair hold in Cambodia- fun, free, and get employed.

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