Looking for jobs in Cambodia? Access these sources

If an opportunity doesn’t come to you, go out and get one for yourself today. Like finding a job, to get employed you need to put great effort to actively seek your wanted position because you are in the competitive world.

In Cambodia, it is very common for people to find job opportunities by browsing online. But how about the fact is that there are many hidden job vacancies which are not posted in those job websites?

Finding a job hard is not enough. You need a smart way that helps you get employed faster.

In this article, I would like to discuss 10 ways that helps you access to open and hidden jobs in Cambodia.

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1. Job portal websites

The fastest updated job opportunities is online job board. In Cambodia, some of popular job websites are hrinc.com.kh, camhr.com, bongthom.com, pelprek.com, hrcambodia.com and a lot more.

2. Professional social network: Linkedin.com

Linkedin.com is worldwide known as a professional social network, so senior open positions are posted in this website. More importantly, it allows recruiters to search job seekers’ profile online and contact them directly. I do recommend you to create a Linkedin account and build your profile well.

3. National Employment Agency (NEA)

National Employment Agency (NEA) is an official institution of Cambodian government. This institution gathers and controls most of employment information including many job opportunities. It is a good idea to find employment information and new job opportunities on their website: http://www.nea.gov.kh

4. Headhunters and Recruitment Agencies

There are many recruitment agencies that find you a job in Cambodia; however, I do recommend HRINC (Cambodia) Co. Ltd., the biggest agency in Cambodia, which provides life-long support to job seekers. It has operated over 10 years up to now. So why not contact and drop your updated resume to their inbox?

5. Networking

Using network to find job is the fastest way in the modern work-life. People recommend job faster than it is posted in job websites. Most of jobs by networking are fit well with you because referrers know you well and are confident that you are the right person for the job.

6. Employers’ website and social media

If you wish to work for any certain employers, you can track their job opportunities by going directly to their website, and click on career menu. Before posting jobs in other websites, new job vacancies are usually posted in their websites or facebook page. Like it and get informed.

7. Newspaper Classified Ads

If you like to find job on newspaper, you are recommended to read some newspaper that contains classified ads. The most read newspaper includes The Cambodiadaily, Phnom Penh, Koh Sontepheap, Raksmey Kampuchea etc. These newspaper release daily issues.

8. Job fairs

Even though job fairs are not often hold in Cambodia, it is still a good idea to drop your resume during the event. Some companies including recruitment agencies provide candidates with walk-in interview and their HR staff notice your profile if they find that you can fit any of future jobs with them.

9. School information board

At university, there is always an information board that employers can drop their job announcements to be posted in. If you are currently a student, you should check jobs there often. Alternatively, you can contact students’ employment center at your university to consult and find you a job soon after you graduate.

10. Taking an Internship

If you don’t have working experience yet, you should take an internship. This builds not only your practical skills at work, but also professional networking. When you gain good communication and work quality, you are more likely to get hired as a full-time staff in the company without challenging with other candidates.

Browsing online websites, you can see only some of job opportunities that are posted in public. However, use all of above information sources to access to more hidden vacancies that still active in the job market. Keep searching different sources to locate your dream job until the right one is found.

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