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You may find a lot of websites giving advice on resume and cover letter writing on the internet. Or just one click, you can download a sample and make changes for your own use, right?

However, most of those articles are broad and general, which might be less applicable in Cambodia’s current situation. That’s the reason I write this article specifically for Cambodian or job seekers who are looking for job in the country.

Before I share resume tips, I would like to use term “resume” instead of curriculum vitae because In Cambodia resume and curriculum vitae (CV) is used interchangeably by most job seekers.

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What is a resume?

A resumes is the application letter you send to employers for your job application. A good resume is a written marketing tool to promote you an outstanding job seeker among other candidates. It is used to “sell” your skills, abilities, qualifications and experience to employers. In other word, a resume is a letter of application that represents you to employers regarding job application.

Is it necessary to have a resume?

Absolutely yes! It is very common that when you apply for a job, you are required to send your resume. Without resume, you lose opportunity to present your education, working experience, and other related skills to employers. Recommendation, certificates are sometimes optional when you send out job application, but resume is a MUST.

What are the purposes of a resume?

  • Your resume talks on behalf of you!
  • You use your resume to persuade employers that you are the best candidate for the position.
  • A resume you sent to employer plays role in selling your skills and qualifications. A good resume is simply designed for employers to read your background easily.
  • A resume also can tell employers about your personality. For example, your resume format implies how organized you are.
  • A good resume can buy you an interview opportunity to discuss detail about the applying position.

What should be included in a resume?

Below are seven main elements I recommend to be included in a resume

  • Personal Data: It is also known as personal information. In personal data section, there are pieces of personal information given such as full name, contacting information (address, phone/email), nationality, marital status, date of birth, and place of birth.
  • Personal Statement: It is optional for fresh graduated students to provide their personal statement, so you don’t have to be worried about it. However, it is very necessary for senior job hunters to include their personal statement describing brief profile.
  • Academic Background: List down your educational record starting with the biggest or relevant one on the top. This information is required to include the major of your degree, name of university, date of graduation.
  • Training Courses: You should provide only important and relevant training courses that add value to your job application. Don’t list down every short course you took at school- they are not all necessary.
  • Working Experience: Similar to educational background section, list down your employment record starting with the latest one on the top. It is required to include the your position titles, full names of company, starting and ending date of employment, main duties/responsibilities as bullet for each and every workplace you have worked for.
  • Foreign Languages: Under native language (Khmer), list down foreign languages you can use for work. To make things clear, you should include your English level like basic, fair, good, very good, or excellent.
  • Computer Skills: Include your computer courses that you took at school. Basic computer skills are essential and a must in Cambodia. They are like Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point. Moreover, people love to gives other computer skills such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, ect.
  • Reference: You should write down from two to three names of your reference including their position title, name of institution, phone numbers, and email address. Remember to ask your reference’s permission before you include them in your resume.
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